More than 50 tankers are being operated by our group to constantly cater our diversified and respected clientele. We have the latest vehicles with low emission engines and environmentally friendly recyclable parts which ensure we continue to actively contribute to protect the planet. 


Our fleet of vehicles are kept on road by regular maintenance procedures under strict enforcement with all of our fully trained, professional and enthusiastic drivers. 


We stringently monitor all paints, lubricants and cleaning materials used on the vehicles and equipment to comply with our strict policies. With our team of Service Managers and our own workshop staff, goods will arrive in clean and well maintained vehicles making sure each company is well represented on site.

We are currently engaged in the transportation of Bitumen, C.R.M.B., Emulsion, L.D.O & Furnace oil to road construction organisations and factories in the states of Rajasthan, Utta Pradesh, Madhaya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttarkhand, Jharkhand. Haryana and Punjab.


Annually we transport approx 45000 MTs of Bitumen, 5000 MTs C.R.M.B and Emulsion and 5000KL of Furnace oil from IOCL Mathura, Koyali and Panipath as well as HPCL, BPCL and ESSAR.


We make sure that meeting timely delivery targets for customers along with assurance of quality & quantity are our top priorities. This ensures that production and construction is done efficiently through each project.


Over the years of business, we have had opportunity to work with a great number of smaller and larger companies across many different projects in the Rajasthan State allowing us to build a strong network and vast experience within our field. A few of the bigger projects were with the companies listed below.

To view a list of some of our previous projects, please click on the image below to enlarge.

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